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DDS Agency is a leader in SEO optimization and Web SEO design services. The key to our success is keyword value analysis and focused link building with a sophisticated, cutting-edge reporting system. The keyword phrases we use provide more than high SERPs; they lead to conversions and sales.

Experienced US-based SEO professionals who understand your business priorities.
Superior SEO optimization technology that drives qualified visitors to your site.
Affordable pricing for the best value when choosing an SEO company.

We Achieve First-Page Positions

Our clients are “above the fold” (positions 1–5) in such diverse industries as film production, health care software, organic baby products, third party logistics, sterile medical supplies, and commercial real estate.

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Our outstanding team brings many years of technical and business expertise to your search engine marketing effort. In contrast to so many Internet start-ups, we’ve put together a diverse and talented group with depth and breadth of professional and analytical knowledge.

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The AIDS Crisis vs. The Opioid Crisis (And Their Effect on Life Expectancy in the U.S.)

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Life expectancy rates have decreased in the U.S. recently. The main reason seems to be the opioid epidemic, which caused more than 37,800 deaths in 2016 (or more than half of the drug overdose deaths in the country that year). This crisis is similar to the AIDS crisis of the late 80s and early 90s, which caused the last dip in life expectancy in 1993.

The life expectancy rate dropped to 75.42 years in 1993 because of the AIDS epidemic as well as a few other factors, including homicides and influenza. In 2015, the life expectancy of U.S. residents decreased by 0.1 years for the first time since 1993, mostly as a result of the opioid epidemic. Both crises occurred at a time where other factors were present but where each stood out as major causes of this decrease.

Developed countries like the U.S. don’t normally see a decrease in life expectancy at all, which is what makes both of these instances so shocking. In fact, the U.S. has struggled with lower life expectancy rates than is befitting of a developed country for years, ending up far lower on the list of countries by life expectancy than it ranks on the list of countries by development factors.

Treatment does exist for opioid addiction, but sadly, many people do not seek professional, medical care for substance use disorders. Also, if the experience of the AIDS crisis is any indicator, there is a possibility this epidemic will worsen before it gets better.

Addictions Infographic - Opioid Crisis

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How to Find the Best Website Hosting Company

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When I read a good article, I tend to share it and express my own views on it.  Today, I’m going to talk about something that most people know about, but also something that they really don’t know much about – website hosting.

How To Find The Best Website Host

Finding the right website hosting company to host your website is as crucial as the content and SEO. Having a reliable hosting company to host the website means your online business or blog remains accessible and safe throughout the year. If you are already using a host but facing problems or have no idea what are the crucial technologies, features and needs of a reliable and fast website, here are some very important tips to keep in mind:

Website Hosting

Good customer support is the foundation of any good website host

If you are running a website that is accessed globally, remember, the internet never sleeps. People from different countries operate on the internet at different times. This means you need to have your website up and running 24/7. But what happens if it suddenly goes off without warning? You access the customer support of your website hosting company and start to deal with the issue. But what if we tell you not all website hosts provide 24/7 customer support? And some even take days to resolve an issue? During this time, you are losing critical leads and business. So before signing any contracts with a website host, make sure you have tested their customer services response time and availability.

Research and know about the different hosting options provided

Did you know that there are various kinds of web hosting options available? Hosting options like dedicated servers, shared servers, Virtual Private Server and Managed Web hosting have different benefits and disadvantages. Understand the needs of your website and business then look for an appropriate option.

Do not keep the cost as your only deciding factor

As the popular saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. A serious business does not compromise on down times or problem with the servers. If your website isn’t large and particularly doesn’t generate titan traffic, it can be hosted on a shared server. But if you are attracting huge traffic and run a business that is always producing sales, there is a high chance a shared server might not be able to withstand such kind of load. Since shared services are cheaper, a lot of people tend to use this option. We say don’t make the costs a deciding factor. Even if you have to pay a huge upfront cost for a dedicated server, you should consider it because it ensures your website stays up 24/7 and can withstand heavy traffic load.

Uptime track record is crucial

Uptime is extremely important for a website. So as an online business owner, always work with a host that takes uptime seriously. An uptime of 99% is mandatory if you want to be successful online. So don’t settle for hosts that cannot provide a solid uptime.

Look at the reputation

There are several hundred website hosting companies willing to host your website. Don’t settle for a name that doesn’t have enough reputation. Visit online communities and find out who has the best reputation and for what reasons it has that reputation. Then carefully pick an option.


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How to Build an Internet Business

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Building an online business can seem like a daunting task considering that there is too much information out there telling you what to do in order to be successful. This article is here to give you some tips on how you can build a successful online business. The first thing you need to do is to choose your own niche. The niche should be of utmost interest to you and should have fewer competitors.

A keyword tool can help you determine the amount of searches for a particular niche. If there are very many competitors, you have to come up with a business plan to outweigh your competitors.   After picking your niche, you need to set up a squeeze page. This page will help you get the customer’s contact information. The main aim is to get subscribers to your list. To add value for people subscribing to your list, you can come up with a bonus. Your website should have impressive content that can drive traffic. It is very important to avoid false information or any unprofessional content.

Building a Business Based Online

Tell your customers what you have and promote your products without overselling them. Content will give you an opportunity to build up a rapport with your customers. At times, it may be very difficult to multi-task dealing with both the website and the content. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to outsource the job of the content to someone else. Choose the right person to do the job for you so that you can avoid content full of fillers. Any successful website has to be very good in marketing their products and services to their target market. One of the best ways to do this is to implement the latest SEO concepts in your website to make it rank higher in the search engines.

Higher rankings will help your website get more organic traffic. This technique is very good for online marketers since you will get more sales at a lesser cost. In order to increase your online visibility, use methods such as article marketing where you can write articles and submit them to directories. Before submitting your articles, make sure you write your website and business details in the resource box. This will help bring more visitors to your site hence boosting your traffic. Another way to market your website is to promote your website through internet forums popular in your niche. To create a good impression and establish your authority, you need to be very active in the forums. This will help bring more visitors to your site. Plan on how you will promote your product since the promotion is more important than the product itself. Building an online business requires a lot of creative thinking and implementation.

People always want something fresh meaning that you need to come up with new tactics and strategies to attract your customers.   You can look at your competitors and try to look at their strength and weaknesses. Cash in on the few negatives and present your product as the ultimate choice for the customer. A smart approach is what makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

Of course, if you don’t want to build your own business, you can always look here and find a web business for sale.  Website Properties is the best website brokerage that we can recommend.  They’ve been around a long time and do business the right way.

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How to Become an SEO Expert In One Year

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A brief introduction to how Entrepreneur Tim Schmidt, the SEO Optimization Expert, became a well rounded dominator of search engines.

Today he shares his top level advice on how to become an expert at search engine marketing.  As told to us via teleconference. 

How did you become an expert at SEO?

We’ve heard that it requires 10,000 hours which have to be given and this may probably be achieved in about not less than 10 years you will be thinking. It is also not just about working on the go for 10,000 hours, on the other hand, this will require making a concerted effort to actually be good at this and have the ability to put to use this intelligence in what you are doing. 

Tim:  Certainly not.  There are several courses on SEO out there and many people out there to mentor the young people.  Also pages like and are great resources to just browse and pick up information.  I don’t recommend using any black hat forums until you really have a grip on what the fundamentals entail.

So therefore an expert SEO will make the effort to have a look at a range of websites and to understand what is required and necessary for search engine optimization and gathering this information in your brain within some seconds. Even if you review some website visitor reports this will also give you a lot of details for your proper understanding. On other hand, you also have to keep your mind open about the other types of cases that can be there which may be very difficult and also websites which may have some strange issues along with new types of circumstances and situations.

Tim:  Very true.  You have to know what on-page tactics are working before you can begin to dissect a website and see if it has any good or bad SEO going to it.  It all starts on the website.

If you are faced with a website which is difficult, an expert SEO should have the capacity and the ability to gather the huge volume of data which is present along with looking for a report which will show the number of problems which are prevalent and may also be hidden which may always be hard since such chances are also difficult to come across. Generally, the expert SEO should be able to work his way around spontaneously occupying only vague and unclear clues which may surface somehow. Here their experience may also be of a high level which is just right to fulfill this responsibility.

Tim:  Yes, there are more difficult sites to rank, if that is what you are asking.  We really have to take a deep dive into the links and use tools like and even to understand the backlinks that exist.

An expert SEO can also build up the balance of the selected rules of the game which can be based on the minor clues, once the work begins to advance. Only apart from communicating with others the rules, maxims and guidelines may all disappear along with a situation where a different world begins to emerge within SEO where the expert SEO who guides the clients or teaches them may deviate from what they do and they present that they will do.

Tim:  Not really sure if there is a question there, but I’ll take a stab at it. I  think you are suggesting that tactics and strategies may evolve over time.  Yes, this is 100% true.  We have to be shifty as SEO’s and make sure we are constantly evolving.

Tim, thanks for your time today.  For more information about Tim and his business ventures, please learn more about him on the following sites.

Tim runs the Affiliate U training program. It’s the ultimate course on how to learn affiliate marketing from scratch.  He also is very well known for his Fort Lauderdale based SEO company, which you can learn about below:

Search Engine Optimization Expert Agency
3323 West Commercial Blvd. Suite 914B
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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